All Digital Week 2021 in Croatia

This year under the slogan Be a digital hero! we invited all of our citizens to participate in a week of creative, interactive and fun educational activities to improve their digital and media literacy. Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka, in collaboration with partners from 12 different cities, organised a total of 28 workshops, training events, seminars, conferences and presentations. All had the aim to include many participants from different groups and educate then on the importance of digital skills, especially in these unfortunate pandemic times. It is true to say we have by now become masters in online acquaintances from Zoom meetings, webinars and online lectures on Google Meet.

The main topics of this year’s All Digital Week were: developing basic digital skills and media literacy, encouraging education in coding, STE(A)M and AI, increasing employability by developing advanced digital skills and promotion of digital cultural heritage.

As a centre for non-formal digital education in our region, we offer and include our participants in all of the above mentioned activities. To develop basic digital skills and familiarize our citizens with different online tools, we organised webinars on Canva, Scratch and SketchUp. Also, we organised a webinar on e-Građani – a system for online public administration which helps our citizens to avoid long queues and aims to increase general mobility in digital bureaucracy. On this note, it is important to emphasise cybersecurity and online safety activities, as well as fake media content distinction.  This is why digital communication and online security are always a part of our webinars. All this contributes to general rise in digital and media literacy, which is one of most important and certain ways to create a tech-savvy society.

As a leading ALL DIGITAL Week partner in Croatia, CTC Rijeka would like to thank all organisations that participated in the campaign activities; Enter Koprivnica d.o.o., Europski dom Zagreb & Savez waldorfskih institucija i inicijativa, Organisation Tehno OZ, Rijeka City Library, high school ban Josipa Jelačića Sinj and elementary schools; Dr. Branimir Marković Ravna Gora, Eugen Kvaternik Velika Gorica, Hugo Badalić Slavonski Brod, Ivan Cankar Zagreb, Petar Zrinski Čabar, Sibinjskih žrtava Sibinj, Šestine Zagreb,Tin Ujević Osijek and Tučepi.

We are delighted to have partners from schools in different level of education who organise extra curriculum activities during All Digital Week and inform pupils of numerous non-formal education in STE(A)M, programming, robotics, media, computer science etc.

We are thrilled to be part of the ever-growing All Digital community and excited to continue contributing to enhancement of skills and knowledge among our digital heroes in the following All Digital campaigns!

By Marina Mrak, CTC Rijeka