All Digital Week 2021 in Extremadura, Spain

During the five days of the campaign’s main week, from 22 to 26 March, Extremadura’s Digital Competence Centres actively participated in All Digital Week with 17 workshops and over 100 awareness-raising activities for 500+ people.

AUPEX’s Digital Skills Programme for Employability of Extremadura launched 4 activities (both online and offline) to enhance digital skills, raise the awareness about the importance of media literacy and critical thinking in the digital skills training process, as well as promote the importance of coding, STEAM-based professions and the challenges of artificial intelligence or the opportunities offered by the digital cultural heritage.

We were talking about digital cultural heritage in a webinar with Ylenia Cariani from EGInA, about different options and projects to take advantage of digital technologies applied to heritage, especially now with permanent mobility restrictions, lockdowns, … and the importance of digital skills.

Our awareness raising activities to enhance media literacy and knowledge about machine learning, algorithms and artificial intelligence had a warm welcome from our users!

Are we aware of the importance and power of dis-misinformation? Do we know the impact of dis-misinformation in today’s society? At the workshop, Participants learned about different examples of misinformation and disinformation, understood the importance of “stop, think and verify” and gained skills such as browsing, searching and filtering data on the Internet. We also highlighted the conversations generated around this topic and the interest in using specific tools such as or the fact-checking website

Related to artificial intelligence, we used to teach participants about operation, ethics and algorithm bias in AI, detecting potentials, risks and opportunities associated with employability. What does it mean in people’s daily lives?

Participants learned how machine learning worked, using different examples such as the Google Draw tool or With this practice, they also trained some digital skills related to the information and data literacy area.

Last but not least, we used augmented reality in participants’ resumes, a “magic” touch that improves personal branding and boosts opportunities for getting a job. We used imagination, motivation and creative use of technology applied to employability.

Even with reduced capacity, social distancing, mobility restrictions or even lockdowns… together, we are all stronger than the pandemic!

Check the brief video about the campaign in Extremadura:


By Gema Parrado Leon, AUPEX