2020: Open ICT Education for Empowerment

Albanian Institute of Science (AIS) has been the partner for the campaign since 2012. In 2020, it will be the ALL DIGITAL Week Albanian partner for the ninth time.

The main events of the organisation will be six main face-to-face events in six partner High Schools. These events will be focused on empowering youth with digital skills. AIS has been working with these schools in different projects, and five of them (four High Schools in Kurbin and one vocational school in Lezha) have been involved in the  “Open ICT Education for Youth Employability” Project. Those schools are located in a poor, not very developed area in the Northern part of Albania. The youth in this area is being raised with the idea of migration for a better life.

The events will introduce better opportunities and wider channels to young people and to  their communities with no need to migrate. Through these events AIS wants to show them the possibilities and benefits they have from gaining digital skills. AIS wants to teach these youngsters how to develop their knowledge and to be ready for the digital jobs market. At least to one of the events, AIS will invite their partners and ICT stakeholders  – Albania ICT Media, Garazhd Community, EU Innovation in Albania, ICT Businesses representatives,  etc. to share their experience and views on the market and employability options.

Contact: Besjana Hysa