ALL DIGITAL Week 2020 – digital by default

We are proud to launch the 11th edition of ALL DIGITAL Week campaign, which this year is supported by Certiport and is run in strategic partnership with major European organisations: Lifelong Learning Platform, Europeana, Public Libraries 2030, CEPIS, and European Cybercrime Centre of Europol. Twenty national partners bringing 5,000 local organisations have joined the campaign to support digital inclusion and empower Europeans with digital.

ALL DIGITAL Week 2020 is happening in unprecedented circumstances in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.  All the partners have worked especially hard to adjust their work and to provide support to their communities. Most of the events are now happening online, and many of them are focused on teachers helping them to organise distance learning in the most efficient way to respond to so many schools being closed. We would like to acknowledge our partners and learning centres across Europe for sharing their knowledge and expertise!

How can you get involved?

  • If you are organising an event – let us know about it, add it to the map of events
  • You can join the webinar of your interest – browse through our partners’ events  and 4 webinars we are offering in English – join the webinar that might be of interest to you,
  • check all the resources to help you teach or learn digital skills and
  • check our Stay at Home Digital Toolkit – the collection of resources to learn, enjoy, work better and explore when you are stuck at home (not about learning digital skills, but everything else ;). Remember that the list is being updated every day – keep checking!
  • we encourage you to spend your time at home productively and learn something during this time. Start with something small and easy – learn one thing digital and share it with us with hashtags #AllDigitalWeek #learn1thingdigital. What could it be? Learn here
  • Get Your Facts Straight! In the times like this, media literacy and critical thinking is becoming crucial, and our #GetYourFactsStraight campaign that we are launching as well today, should raise more awareness about the threats of disinformation and how we can tackle it. Learn more and spread the word!