What will happen during All Digital Week 2020?

All Digital Week is only a month away, and our partners are working hard preparing for the campaign, setting partnerships, developing the activities,  and organising the events. Check out what some of our partners will be doing in the campaign’s 2020 edition:


In Latvia, our partner Latvian Information and Communication technology association (LIKTA) strives to address the wider scope of digital transformation – not just skills, but also awareness of benefits of digital technologies for citizens and businesses. Several training sessions, online tests, webinars and other activities will be happening all around Latvia. There will be five thematic days with central events:

  • March 23 – High level opening event “Latvia – digital leader“
  • March 24 – Open data
  • March 25 – Women in IT
  • March 26 – Digital identity and security and Cyber night 2020
  • March 27 – ICT professionals’ day

Find out more about the activities in Latvia


In Lithuania, the campaign   will focus on the digital skills of librarians and library visitors. Our long-standing partner “Langas į ateitį” will run the campaign in partnership with the  Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and 600 public libraries that will join the campaign and offer various activities, including:

  • Webinar on the most common types of Smart-ID fraud –
  • Webinar on library innovation for the digitally skilled society of Lithuania
  • Digital skills training on safe internet issue for school librarians
  • Digital skills training on creative lab for public library staff
  • Activities for libraries visitors include a critical thinking test, interactive activities for students; a media literacy quiz.

Find out more here


EOS Romania Foundation will organise the All Digital Week campaign in Romania in partnership with the National Association of Libraries and Librarians. For the first time, EOS will be organising the campaign activities under the umbrella of the National Coalition for Digital Education in Romania – a network of 10 organisations working in the field of inclusion and digital competences.

They will involve 10,000 people in activities under the following topics:

  • My first click! Basic digital literacy workshops and activities
  • Teacher Digital Skills development
  • Digital jobs for young women Women4IT project and which helps young women assess their skills and readiness for jobs in the digital market
  • Certiport practice tests or certification exams
  • Accessibility to ICT and the Internet for people with disabilities
  • Introductory webinars about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science

See what is planned for the campaign in Romania here


In Spain we have two partners: Association ‘Somos Digital’ coordinates the campaign in the country, while AUPEX leads the activities in Extremadura.

Somos Digital will prepare workshops, webinars, talks with experts, and several online and face-to-face training workshops with the main objective of improving the employability of citizenship through learning and management of new digital tools. Some of the workshops are:

  • “Connection and discussion with experts”
  • Webinars and workshops on cybersecurity,
  • “What is fake news, and how does it work?
  • Other activities: “Use Social Networks to find employment”, “Educational Robotics”, “Improvement for the online presence of your company”

AUPEX will contribute to  ALL DIGITAL Week 2020 with training events that will promote media literacy by developing critical thinking and digital literacy, build safety and trust in technology by developing cybersecurity skills, and enhance employability by developing the right skills for the new digital jobs.

  • Augmented reality in your resume
  • Digital transformation and security: Escape room “Decode the message”
  • Design and play with #AR: Filters for Instagram
  • Trust and security. Fingerprint and data protection

Find out more about all the activities in Spain


For the third time, the Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka (CTC Rijeka) leads ALL DIGITAL Week in Croatia as a National Partner.

They have developed the activities in three blocks:

  1. Building personal responsibility and promoting media and digital literacy where participants will learn how to protect their private information, how to recognize and avoid hate speech, how to aptly present themselves on the social networks.
  2. Using digital tools to improve their chances in the increasingly digital economy and society. The citizens will learn how to use free online tools, such as e-Citizen, e-mail, Google tools, Europass, etc.
  3. Learning new digital skills in order to enhance employability through introductory and advanced lessons on programming, robotics, graphic design.

CTC Rijeka will include elementary and secondary schools that will organise activities in the fields of STEM. In addition, 10 NGOs will be involved in promoting and celebrating ALL DIGITAL Week.

Find out more about activities in Croatia


The main objective for the campaign in Germany, led by Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation – SDC) will be acquiring digital skills and competences to identify and fight disinformation.

SDC will also conduct workshops for trainers and e-facilitators related to the digital inclusion and promotion of infrastructure of the rural area nd, they will provide senior citizens in a retirement home with tablets and give them the first introduction on how to use these devices.

Find out more about activities in Germany here


Media Education Centre in Serbia will hold a series of Media Literacy workshops to highlight the importance of the creation of new digital tools for development of the Global Citizenship Education and Education for Sustainable Development in Serbia. Media Education Centre has already experience with the EU-UNESCO since they worked in the project Building Trust in Media.  They believe that When people create media as a way to learn, they build critical thinking, communication, collaboration and citizenship skills.

Over 50 organisations plan to join the campaign to offer events for 5,000 people.

Learn more about activities in Serbia here


In Slovenia, our partner Simbioza Genesis Social Enterprise will coordinate the activities based on empowering people with digital literacy through intergenerational cooperation lifelong learning , such as: raising the awareness on usability problems and interactive presentations of technologies of the future for senior citizens; raising the interest in STEM professions, promotion of coding for children and youth; and the first of its kind in Slovenia hackathon for girls.

See all the activities organized in Slovenia here


Our partner in Albania, Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), will run face-to-face events in six partner High Schools in disadvantaged areas of Albania. These events will be focused on empowering youth with digital skills, they will introduce better opportunities and wider channels to young people to be ready for the digital jobs market. AIS will invite their partners and ICT stakeholders to share their experience and views on the market and employability options.

Learn more about activities in Albania here

In our next post we’ll tell you about other partners.

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Photos are presented by national partners for All Digital Week 2019.