Let’s make #AllDigitalWeek 2020 truly digital!

Dear Partners, we hope very much that you are safe and healthy. With many regions already in quarantine and lots of public events being cancelled, we encourage the rest also to stay home as much as possible. But at the same time we believe we should be helping our communities to offer support and use their time productively. In the times of isolation digital can really help!

This is to reiterate that we will go on with ALL DIGITAL Week 2020, but we encourage you to move events online.  Let’s make this year’s edition of the campaign truly digital and offer online events and support! We also understand that the situation in various communities is different, and we trust your common sense and that you will put your own and that of your communities’ health and safety first.

Following your news on social media, we know that many of you are already doing a lot sharing information and trusted advise, organising online training and just overall support – that’s truly amazing and inspiring! We would like to share online what is being done by our members/partners and digital competence centres in response to the pandemic. Don’t forget to share how you are adapting with us using the hashtag #AllDigitalWeek.
With all of that in mind, here is what we suggest for the upcoming ALL DIGITAL Week:

Learning webinars

Try to move your events online and share what you are planning.  We already have four webinars in English planned for next week (and thank you to our UK partner UpSkill Digital and our ALL DIGITAL colleagues):

Please share the message through your channels as well!


We’ll be organising some interviews with experts and some of our members sharing information how they are adjusting their work, what they are offering and how the support is organised in different communities – first hand.

Stay home and learn online! #Learn1ThingDigital

Let’s encourage our citizens to stay home and learn online. We suggest the campaign Stay Home and Learn Online – let’s motivate each other and the general public during the upcoming weeks to learn at least one thing digital and share about it with the hashtag #learn1thingdigital. It could be any digital skill or any skill involving digital – for example, learning how to make video calls or take a virtual tour  of a museum for the first time; how to distinguish disinformation online, retouch a photo or host a webinar – the list is endless. ONE thing is simple and easy, and a lot of people can participate. For that you can share the links to open resources on education, training, culture, etc. in your languages, and we’ll be doing it in English.

Stay at Home Digital Toolkit

In addition to the existing resources for learning and teaching digital skills online, we’ve created the list of resources in English for learning and leisure that are already being widely circulated among our ‘education and training’ community – to have them all in one place.

More ideas and suggestions are always welcome! Please do not hesitate to share with us at

Take care and stay safe!

Many thanks for your support and cooperation