Best events of ALL DIGITAL Week 2018

Over 800 events have been added to the #alldigitalweek map, and many more to the individual countries’ maps. The variety of events was truly impressive, and we were really excited to learn about them from the map.

All the events automatically entered the Best Event competition, the information about which was disseminated by our national partners and presented on our website.

What did the event organisers have to do to participate in the contest?

Opening event in Finland

  1. Add the event to the Map of events;
  2.  After the event was conducted, they went back to the form to update it: they had to add a detailed description of the event, photos, and quotes from participants. The description could include learning objectives, stages, results, what participants have learned, what went well, what was challenging, their own impressions of the event;

    Cypersecurity training in Romania

  3. Organisers could also publish the blog about the event on Unite-IT platform and add the link to the description (preferred option);
  4.  All completed events entered the competition automatically;
  5. The best events were selected by a jury consisting of ALL DIGITAL staff and Board members, based on a combined set of criteria, including quality of content, participation, event media impact, etc.
The ALL DIGITAL Week team selected 10 best events for the jury’s consideration, and here are our finalist events:
  1. Spain: Media Literacy | True or False, what do you believe?
  2. Russia: MOOC for Learning to Code
  3. Finland: From Digiblaha to digiaha
  4. Romania: Web accessibility – make the Internet available for all!
  5. Romania: “Introduction to Cybersecurity” at “Ienachita Vacarescu” National College, Targoviste
  6. Spain: All Digital Ring | Scratch project to be shared
  7. Serbia: QR Code: Combining national tradition and modern technology
  8. Macedonia – National Competition of Computer Science and Engineering 2018
  9. Romania:  With small steps in “The Knight’s World”
  10. Serbia: ALL WEEK in primary and high school “9 May” from Zrenjanin

And among those the jury selected the best three. Our warmest congratulations go to

All Digital Ring in Spain

The prize includes participation in the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2018 on 18-19 October in Brussels: conference package and travel grant for up to 500 EU for one representative from a winning organisation.

We look forward to seeing the winners in Brussels and celebrating their efforts in the special Awards Ceremony on 18 October!