Best events of ALL DIGITAL Week 2019

All events added to the map automatically entered the BEST EVENT contest. Out of over 1500 events the jury selected 14 finalists, and now we are happy to announce the THREE WINNERS.

The winners will be celebrated at the ALL DIGITAL Summit in Bologna in October!

Web 2.0 Tools in Classroom Teaching

Conducted by Biljana Popovic from Elementary School Knez Sima Marković, Barajevo, Serbia.

Among teachers there are many digital novices and also those who do not accept modern technologies at all. Biljana Popovic from Barajevo, Serbia, believes that it should be changed if we want students to be active, engaged, and motivated for learning.

During ALL DIGITAL Week, teacher Biljana Popovic  organised an event for her colleagues from elementary school Knez Sima Markovic to  introduce them to Web 2.0 tools. Most of the teachers hadn’t had any training on this topic and didn’t know what those tools were.

First, teachers were introduced to a variety of web.2 tools; learned why and when to use them in teaching and were recommended online and offline courses in case they want to master those. And after that they were shown a practical application of such work – the e-Twinning online event realized by/in 4 schools “Get off the plastic, pull on the nature” as part of ALL DIGITAL Week.

Read more about the event in the blog Web 2.0 tools in classroom teaching and check it on the map.

Web VR-Jam

Organised by IT4Youth Centre in Togliatti / Togliatti State University

Among an incredible diversity of exciting and inspiring events provided by Togliatti State University within ALL DIGITAL Week, the first hackathon on creating web-based virtual reality apps Web VR Jam was an absolute hit! Over 100 teenagers from 14 schools of Togliatti and the region took part in it. To provide access to all young VR enthusiasts, who applied for the hackathon but couldn’t travel for the live version, the organizers hosted an online event.

As VR and AR technologies are very new, skilled trainers and experts provided training for the participants first. The teams had to come up with an idea of a virtual world and prepare required additional material (videos and images), describe their projects according the requirements, and of course create their apps.

The top fifteen teams will take part in the final that will be held within the Science Festival in autumn 2019.

Read more about the event in the blog Let’s Jam – It’s time to create virtual reality worlds!  and check the event on the map

All Digital Challenge (#RetoAllDigital)

Run by AUPEX, Spain

The #RetoAllDigital is a training activity organized by AUPEX, where users are the protagonists of local awareness-raising campaigns, focusing on digitalization of cultural heritage, digital transformation and relevant local elements. Over 200 people participated during ALL DIGITAL Week in a two-phase training with a collaborative approach

Workshop I – Content co-creation:

First, participants co-created different digital content inspired by local topics – videos, podcasts, pictures, interviews about their own traditions, monuments, celebrations, local economy, famous people, etc. It was uploaded online and linked to QR codes in specific locations in their towns. Thus they built a local map of QR codes, that neighbours and tourists can check from their smartphones.

Workshop II – App development

Users developed apps with the guidance of e-facilitators. All created apps were uploaded to Google Play Store, so anyone can download and install them. An app allows users to access this content and takes them through a test that includes questions related to different co-created digital content. Once all the questions are correctly answered, users receive their badge, certifying their knowledge on relevant local information.

Results: 19 digital competence centres in Extremadura were involved in this activity. 16 different Apps have been created by local users with no previous experience. After these two workshops, locals and visitors participated (and will participate) in the Challenge, learning about their communities in a fun and engaging way.

Read about the event in the blog  RetoAllDigital – ALL DIGITAL Challenge and check the events on the map by filtering by country (Spain) and name ALL DIGITAL CHALLENGE.


They will be celebrated in Bologna at the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2019!