2020: Let’s get digital!

The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) for the fifth time is the national partner for the ALL Digital Week in Cyprus.

During the All Digital Week 2020 the Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) along with its partner organisations will run different events both online and offline in Cyprus. The offline events will be hosted in the cities of Nicosia and Larnaka. The main partners for the campaign are:
Heron Digital Educationa and Mathisis, UCLan Cyprus, WRO Cyprus, STEM Education.

  • The Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge (CCSC) runs from 1-15 March and tries to attract young talents with an expertise on cyber security and ethical hacking. Young people of  14-25 participate in an online CTF game and try to solve the challenges. Selected participants will be part of the National Team to compete at the European Cyber Security Challenge that will take place in November in Austria. More than 150 participants have joined the CCSC2020.
  • The University of Central Lancashire – Cyprus is organising for one more year the event “Code Cyprus” on 7 March. The theme of Code Cyprus 2020 is Space Exploration. During the keynote and the workshops, participants will learn how to handle the robotic arm on the International Space Station, to compute the orbits for interplanetary travel, and of course how to remote-control a rover — such as the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) — from our home planet, Earth. Around 100 participants are expected to join Code Cyprus.
  • The Cyprus Computer Society, World Robotics Olympiad Cyprus and STEM education are organising a Robotics Competition with LEGO WeDo and Scratch on 7 March 2020 where primary school students will present their structures under the theme “From Archimides to Da Vinci”. 100 students will attend this event along with their parents and teachers.
  • The activities under “Coding our Future” will continue for one more year focusing on primary school students and teaching them to code through interactive sessions. The activities are in collaboration with Heron Digital Education and Mathisis.

Contact: Toumazis Toumazi