#DiCoSP – Digital Competence Framework for School Psychology Practice (Germany)

The aim of the #DiCoSP Project (Digital Competence Framework for School Psychology Practice) is to design a needs-based framework of digital competencfor school psychological practice, serving as a basis for future education and training offers. Digital competence is more than about digital tools. It’s about the digital transformation of school psychology as a discipline and a profession.  Digital competence in school psychological practice is a disposition to be able to manage digital-related professional situations in a self-organized, creative, critical, responsible and goal-oriented way on the basis of individual resources (a combination of personality traits, digital-related knowledge, skills and attitudes) within an organizational structure. Digital competence consists of four competence classes: scientific, methodological, social and personal competence in the digital space. In order to be able to update their digital competence School Psychologists require needs-based training offers

The research project has won the Grant Award 2020/21 from the Scientific Society for School Psychology (SSSP) and the International Association of School Psychologists (ISPA). The project is coordinated by MyGatekeeper, a non-profit company in Hanover (Germany), which supports the digital transformation in education and has a school psychology consultant with Marianne Kant-Schaps, former chair of the EFPA Standing Committee ‘Psychology in Education‘, and Prof. Dr. Christoph Steinebach, Director of the Department of Applied Psychology at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and current EFPA President.

Link to the projects website: