In Estonia it is important to be safe in online and to use all the skills correctly

Already a partner for the three past editions, the Smart Work Association (SWA) is again the Estonian national partner for GOW 2017.

During GOW17, SWA will promote safe and skillful online behavior and organise a Wise Youtuber 2017 contest.

The campaign is built up of two parts. First part contains informing young people that using the internet can be unsafe if you don’t do it wisely. For informing and reaching the youngsters SWA sent information about the internet safety issues to the schools (to all school levels from kindergartens to the universities) and media (online magazines, Facebook, Youtube). The teachers spread the word by posting it on the school websites and by talking about it in the classroom.

The second part of the campaign is the vlog contest Wise Youtuber 2017. It goes under the Cybersecyrity topic of the campaign and is the best way to reach youngsters and get them to understand the possible safety issues. Vlogs are becoming more and more popular among the Estonian youngsters and some of the videos posted on the internet contain way too much of personal information.

The topics of e-Services and Employability and Entrepreneurship will be covered in cooperation with the most popular job portals, competence offices, career counselors etc. in Estonia. With the help of the partners, SWA will introduce young people to online opportunities, tools, career experts, and HR specialists. Among other tools, SWA will promote the employability-networking tool YouRock.Jobs as well as e-skills assessment tool Estimated number of youth reached is 1,500.

Together with its 15 main partners, including Vaata Maailma SA, NGO Robotex, middle and high-schools,, SWA plans to involve 2,500 people in the Get Online Week 2017 in Estonia.

Contact: Mrs. Ave Laas