STEM in our everyday life

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Type of the event: Workshop/training

Online or offline: Online

Main theme/focus: STE(A)M / Coding

Date time start: 23/03/2020 10:00

Date time end: 29/03/2020 19:00

Number of hours: 15

Country: Armenia

Region: Kotayk

City/Town: Charentsavan

Organisation: Fantan Secondary School

Address of the event: Fantan 2506, Armenia

Url of the event:

Social media:

Tag or keywords: steminoureverydaylife

Target Group: School students

Number of participants: 20

Short description of the event:

With this event, I would like to raise the awareness of STEM in our everyday life. Firstly I would share important information about what was the steam’s role in people’s lives during different periods. And after that share the statistics about the influence of STEM now. As we live in a very fast developing and advanced technological ear, by using STEM people learn how to think more creatively and try to deal with different problems, and trying to solve them by using technology: by using all the new opportunities offered by new applied sciences. I would introduce how someone’s imagination came up to a life and made our life way easier. This project will also help them learn more about science and technology and how IT changed our lives. They will also gain different skills in searching for some statistics of STEM role and learning more about data science.

Photos from the event:

The event is: Completed