Cybersecurity and safer internet within modern societies

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Type of the event: Discussion/Debate/meeting

Online or offline: Online

Main theme/focus: Basic Digital Skills / Media Literacy

Main theme/focus: Cybersecurity / Safer Internet

Date time start: 04/04/2022 14:00

Date time end: 04/04/2022 15:00

Number of hours: 1

Country: Belgium

Organisation: ALL DIGITAL

Address of the event: ALL DIGITAL, Rue du Commerce, Bruxelles, Belgio

Url of the event:

Responsible (trainer/organizer): ALL DIGITAL

Target Group: General public

Number of participants: 50

Photos from the event:

The event is: Planned

Short description of the event:

The Week 4 launch event of the ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2022 campaign will focus on key relevant topics within cybersecurity such as data protection, especially related to AI and IoT devices, regulations, and features on one hand, and rights and perception of users on the other one, and overall strategies and support that might be developed and promoted to enhance digital skills and awareness on cybersecurity related topics to Europeans.

A special remark will be made about the effects and impact of cybercrimes on young generations, supporting the promotion of the European Year of Youth.

The discussion will be focused on crucial perspective related to cybersecurity and the perception citizens have of technology and privacy on one side and how it is impacting the experience of the digital environment, especially to young people, due to the increase of cybercrimes targeted to citizens, companies and public organizations.