Social Hosting Hub – workshop for teachers on online Hate Speech

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Type of the event: Workshop/training

Online or offline: Online

Main theme/focus: Digital literacy / Tackling disinformation

Date time start: 16/03/2022 16:00

Date time end: 16/03/2022 17:30

Number of hours: 1,5

Country: Italy

Organisation: Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Address of the event: online

Target Group: Trainers/teachers

Number of participants: 70

Short description of the event:

Incitement to hatred through comments, posts, photos and videos published online by young people is becoming more and more frequent: recent and current cases are proof of this. For these reasons it requires the commitment of the whole community in terms of prevention and fight.
This  workshop, dedicated to teachers and educators,  presents the definition of hate speech and emphasises its distinctive features, as well as how to counteract it by being more careful with words.

The workshop is held in the framework of Social Hosting Hub project, one of the winners of the Impact Challenge on Security