Computer Systems Administrator Academy

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Type of the event: Skills assessment/certification

Online or offline: Online

Main theme/focus: Coding for Inclusion
Digital Media Literacy

Date time start: 25/03/2019 09:00

Date time end: 31/03/2019 18:00

Number of hours: 8

Country: Poland

Region: Zachodniopomorskie

City/Town: Szczecin

Organisation: Open Education and Development Group

Address of the event: Jagiellońska 67, 70-382 Szczecin, Polska

Url of the event:

Tag or keywords: programming microsoft technology asociate C++ Certified Associate Programmer C++ Certified Professional Programmer

Responsible (trainer/organizer): Grażyna Górkiewicz

Email of the organiser:

Phone of the organiser: +48 91 484 44 37

Target Group: School students

Number of participants: 30

Short description of the event:

We offer a free approach to Microsoft and C ++ exams for people from all over the region and the opportunity to obtain a certificate that ideally completes your CV. Certificates offered by us are recognized by employers all over the world documents confirming qualifications for people working in the IT industry. It is also a set of examinations allowing to direct student and employee development within three main paths: a programmer, a database administrator and a specialist in IT infrastructure.

The event is: Planned