Literature and digitization

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Type of the event: Discussion/Debate/meeting

Online or offline: Offline

Main theme/focus: Digital Media Literacy

Date time start: 29/03/2019 12:00

Date time end: 29/03/2019 14:00

Number of hours: 2

Country: Romania

Region: Dambovita

City/Town: Targoviste

Organisation: Liceul Voievodul Mircea

Address of the event: Bulevardul Carol I 70, Târgoviște, Romania

Responsible (trainer/organizer): Elena-Diana Oprea

Email of the organiser:

Phone of the organiser:

Target Group: School students

Number of participants: 50

Short description of the event:

During this campaign, I conducted two activities, both supported by digital tools. In the 9th grade, during an assessment class, the students, using their own phones, had the task of doing two texts starting from the word childhood. The first text had to respect the particularities of the artistic style and the second text had to meet the features of the scientific functional style! The fact that they were allowed to use the phone during the Romanian language and literature for educational purposes was a delight for the pupils. The evaluation time was a success!
The second activity focused on teaching-learning, using the flipped classroom model. There were three important sequences: in the first didactic sequence, students had the task of looking for information about the Romanian poet George Bacovia and selecting what they considered relevant to his poetry work. In the second part of the activity, the students went to the digital library of the University of Cluj, they searched for a volume of lyrics written by George Bacovia, read more poems, stopped on a single lyrical text, presented to the class, motivating their choice! In the last sequence of activity, the students searched the internet for an image, a drawing, a symbol to capture the message of the poetry they read.
Using the phone at the moment of evaluation raises the interest of the students, increases the level of involvement and active participation in the classes!
Students’ opinions:
I enjoyed the activity because we were the source of information! (Larisa)
I liked this activity because I combined the useful with the pleasure! (Monalisa)
I liked the activity because I had access to the internet and I learned new things! (Alexia)
Yes, I liked this activity because we were able to use the internet and because we brought information to this lesson. (Ana)
It was fun! (Cristian)

Photos from the event:

The event is: Completed