Media Literacy

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Type of the event: Conference/congress/forum

Online or offline: Online

Main theme/focus: Digital Media Literacy

Date time start: 08/04/2020 16:00

Date time end: 09/04/2020 18:00

Number of hours: 3

Country: Armenia

Region: Kotayk

City/Town: Abovyan

Organisation: Abovyan N7 basic school

Address of the event: Marshal Khudyakov str. 3th Lane, Yerevan, Армения

Url of the event:

Social media:

Responsible (trainer/organizer): Arpenik Mkrtchyan

Email of the organiser:

Phone of the organiser: +37477099031

Target Group: School students

Number of participants: 31

Short description of the event:

n the 21st century, people are surrounded by the media
posters, screens, messages,
announcements, posters, games … The media is not just an environment for circulating information. it
creates public opinion, influences
on people’s behavior, especially children’s and adolescents’ behavior, decisions, worldview and preferences. You need a media consumer
be armed with the appropriate knowledge
to be properly oriented in the information field

Photos from the event:

The event is: Completed