Media Literacy & safety internet

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Type of the event: Conference/congress/forum

Online or offline: Online

Main theme/focus: Digital Media Literacy

Date time start: 08/04/2020 18:00

Date time end: 10/04/2020 18:00

Number of hours: 2

Country: Armenia

Region: Kotayk

City/Town: Abovyan

Organisation: Abovyan N2 basic school teacher Greta Tonoyan

Address of the event: TARTU, Tartu Street, Abovyan, Armenia

Url of the event:

Social media:

Responsible (trainer/organizer): Greta Tonoyan

Email of the organiser:

Phone of the organiser: +37493668870

Target Group: School students

Number of participants: 30

Short description of the event:

Online Lesson ”Media Literacy. Safer Internet” The aims of our lesson are 1. to give systematized knowledge about media literacy and safer internet build up interests about the means and measures against the illegal, dangerous and seedy contents over the internet 3. to convince the learners that it is suitable to fight against the existing risks over the virtual network with our joint measures.

Photos from the event:

The event is: Completed