Presentation on cybersecurity

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Type of the event: Lecture/information session

Online or offline: Offline

Main theme/focus: Cybersecurity/Online Safety

Date time start: 25/03/2019 11:00

Date time end: 25/03/2019 12:00

Number of hours: 1

Country: Bulgaria

Organisation: EURid

Address of the event: Radomir, Bulgaria

Social media:;;;

Tag or keywords: #киберсигурност, #alldigitalweek, #Радомир

Responsible (trainer/organizer): Stefany

Email of the organiser:

Phone of the organiser:

Target Group: School students

Number of participants: 50

Short description of the event:

EURid, the non-profit registry that manages the .eu and .ею (.eu in Cyrillic) top-level domains (TLD), will join the All Digital Week 2019 with presentations on cybersecurity. We will be present in four countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary; and together with Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation , our Bulgarian partners, we will give a lectures to the students aged 13-14 from “Hristo Smirnenski” Primary school in Radomir.

The aim of the lectures is to raise awareness of today’s digital threats, the damages that cybercrimes cause and better ways to stay safe online. As a responsible member of the European digital community, we are happy to contribute to online safety of our youth. Our motto for the lecture is “Because we care, we stay security aware”.

Learning objectives:
– Transfer knowledge
– Enable re-transfer of knowledge through motivating students discuss their experience and what they have learned internally
– Raise interest in the subject – initiate questions and ideas for future employment
– Not intimidate but encourage – staying informed is empowering and enables students to explore safely the internet realm

– Decide on the age groups of the audience –students from both IT-specialised and non-IT-specialised schools
– Making an online research on the subject
– Consulting our company’s Security Manager
– The trainers had 2 trainings on cybersecurity aimed for different age groups – youngsters and adults
– Compile the presentation in English
– Make meaningful translations in Bulgarian, Polish and Hungarian
– Work on the visuals and the delivery

– Customise the presentations and their delivery to the needs and age group of the audience in terms of content, language, terms usage
– Logistics

What went well:
– The presentations were entertaining due to the abundance of practical examples and friendly delivery
– Encouraged the teachers to get involved in the subject and talk more about it to the students

What didn’t go as planned:
– Some minor technical issues
– The delivery timing was more flexible than expected which was great so that we be more detailed

Feedback from participants (quotes):
– The material is not in the official curriculum but would be extremely useful for general-topic classes (teacher)
– The threats in social media are of greatest danger to young people (teacher)
– Interesting and useful

Photos from the event:

The event is: Completed