Everyone’s online: A preview of Get Online Week 2016!

Get Online Week 2016 is in action: with a record number of countries and partners being involved thousands of events on digital skills, inclusion and jobs are taking place across Europe. As the Netherlands Digital Champion Tineke Netelenbos put it today, “…the Get Online Week is an excellent moment in Europe to collectively pay attention to enhancing eSkills”. Here’s an early preview of what has been going on in many countries in the first days of the campaign!



High schools from different districts of Albania are involved in this year’s Get Online Week campaign. Platforms such as Hp Life, Skillage and YouRock as well as social media networks were presented to students in the light of getting ready for digital jobs.



8 Roma women are following 1 week workshop on digital storytelling organised by our Belgian member Maks vzw. Their stories are about social exclusion, violence against women, housing and work. The stories will be turned into video stories at the end of the campaign.



Get Online Week coordinated by Telecentar in Croatia focused on roundtable discussions how to boost young people’s employability and skills through social projects in media literacy. The campaign will be used to launch a national survey on computer programming and coding as a key competence, in preparation for the implementation of the new school curriculum in Croatia.


Czech Republic

This week 30 Czech students “coded their future” for the first time at a coding workshop organised in the context of Code Your Future campaign sponsored by Microsoft. Students learnt how to create their first game using TouchDevelop and Kodu. It’s a great addition to ‪‎GOW16 events!



Smart Hero Award is a competition organised by our German member Stiftung Digitale Chancen and Facebook.  Cucula – Refugees Company for Crafts and Design has been selected as a social design initiative to improve the situation of refugees in Germany. Young people with refugee status can learn craft skills in various design areas – especially in installation and furniture design – whilst also learning German and basic academic skills. In Dortmund the campaign is being coordinated by a group of students studying rehabilitation science at University of Dortmund. Various workshops are being run for vulnerable groups of the region.



In Foligno GOW activities have started with a session for a group of high-school students organised by our member Associazione Centro Studi Città di Foligno. Ervet in Parma (Emilia Romagna) invited students at Istituto tecnico economico Melloni to meet temporary manager, digital content specialist, data analyst and food photographer – all new digital professions. The 3 day RomeCup 2016 with 30 workshops and labs on Educational Robotics addressed to young people takes place each year as part of European GOW. This year also the 1st National Robotic Olimpic Games will be promoted by the Ministry of Education and Research in collaboration with Fondazione Mondo Digitale.



12819234_1133225053368698_5281518340765620496_oMore than 300 libraries in Latvia organized events during ‎GOW16 to engage both young and senior people. The Latvian President, two Ministers, LIKTA President and some representatives of leading ICT companies attended the official opening of the campaign which was broadcast online and the media event took to the TV tower. ICT security experts from public, private and NGO sectors were invited to debate on the topic of security in digital world.



Lithuanian partner Association Langas į Ateitį invited citizens to learn more about secure banking and finances online. Kids got a chance to learn how to safely use the Internet while youngsters were creating their digital resumes on



On March 14, Open the Windows (OtW) in cooperation with the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, held an inclusive workshop on Internet safety. The workshop was hosted by Nikola Karev high school. Students from three other high schools and the users of the Center for Assistive Technology attended the workshop to formulate key recommendations for Internet safety. OtW also held a conference “ICT and employment: necessity and opportunities” to draw attention to the demand of ICT professionals. This year Open the Windows is celebrating 10 years anniversary (video).



In one Lisbon community a group of seniors took their first steps in using Skype. This session aimed to show the elderly a new way to connect with the world and stay in touch with their relatives faraway. In Portugal GOW this year is being promoted by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia and Programas Escolhas.



Timisoara 16 10 03 119 LoResFoundation EOS Romania organized a dedicated Get Online Week campaign launch in Timișoara on March 10. Invited speakers talked about the opportunities and benefits of online learning and the importance of a universal access for all to ICT and the internet. A workshop followed to present an introductory course of Training the e-Trainers dedicated to telecentre trainers, library coordinators or teachers. The second event was the Web Accessibility Awards Gala, where EOS with other partners celebrated the accessibility efforts by public institutions to make their public information accessible to all citizens, including the blind. Over 50 participants enjoyed a day full of good and insightful presentations about the state of digital inclusion in Romania.



Web development course was organised for high school students by IAN Telecentre. Best websites will be selected by the jury at the end of the campaign week!



E-service Fair took place in Sundsvall to inform citizens about different e-services the municipality has to offer. Local public transportation company, a pharmacy, The Swedish Consumer Agency, a city library, Swedbank, audio book service provider and Health Care Guide all joined the fair.



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