2020: Together against Fake News – Give Disinformation no Chance

Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation – SDC) will be the German National Partner for ALL DIGITAL Week for the ninth time.

The ALL DIGITAL Week 2020 in Germany will be about acquiring digital skills and competences to identify and fight disinformation. Like every year, all people are invited to take part, and the organisers will have various events and training sessions for different target groups: senior citizens, educators, school children and their parents.

During the last week of March, SDC will organise several training sessions for school students and their parents and grandparents facilitating handling disinformation, identifying what is fake and what is fact. Furthermore, SDC  will conduct several workshops for trainers and e-facilitators related to the digital inclusion and promotion of infrastructure of the rural area.

Additionally, SDC will provide senior citizens in a retirement home with tablets and give them the first introduction on how to use these devices. At the same time, trainings for people who are looking for jobs will take place. SDC will invite job seekers to take part and learn more about job related digital skills and competences.

In order to reach digital competence centres and target groups on the national level, SDC will address its data base with more than 6.000 organisations working on promoting digital skills, providing homes , care and meeting places for disadvantaged groups. Among these organisations are libraries, youth centres, senior centres and computer clubs that use the ALL DIGITAL Week to plan and implement activities for their target groups or that are happy to bring more visibility to their events by putting them under the umbrella of the campaign. These events will be made public with the help of the map of events on the website of the ALL DIGITAL Week.


Contact: Nenja Wolbers, Project Manager