Get Online Week 2011 in Romania

EOS Foundation formed a digital alliance that carried out the campaign in Romania. Over 500 telecentres, schools and libraries were the Romanian heroes of a succesful national campaign. Thousands of teachers got online for the first time during the week, as activities have been correlated with larger efforts of the Romanian Ministry of Education. At the end of the campaign, the Get Online counter showed that 16.961 Romanians had become involved!

Gabi Barna, Chair of Telecentre-Europe and Director of EOS Foundation said:

“The people who visit telecentres during Get Online Week, will be supported this week, and next week, and likely for a number of weeks to come. They started a journey of discovery about computers and the internet, which will lead them to benefit from better job prospects and wage premiums. They will have better social, community and civic connections, and personal economic savings and benefits to them, as well as macro-economic savings and benefits to their governments and to industry”.