Get Online Week 2011 in Russia

PH International with its Your Course: Digital Literacy (Tvoy Kurs) Program was the national coordinator for the Get Online Week in Russia. They have localized the campaign materials and developed recommendations for the Russian audience, which were used not only in Russia, but by a wide network of ICT-centres in Eurasia.

The event was promoted through the extensive network of PH partners and alumni and received a ready response – 40 organizations outside of YCDL network registered for a Get Online Week. As a result, the number of participants reached 6.020 people, which three times exceeds the planned target.

Out of all registered users, 35% were first time users, and out of all people trained during the campaign over 80% were first time users, hence we consider the event a big success. 58% of participants were women, 42% – men. Most of the registered votes came from students (41%) and… retired people (21%). Among the working groups the most active were representatives of the state/municipal sector (17%).

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