Get Online Week in Guadalinfo (Andalusia, Spain)

GOW13-Spain_GuadalinfoHGuadalinfo has made its Get Online Week 2013 program available to its 756 centers across the region of Andalusia, where workshops and courses related to new employment will be held.

The training itinerary that has been organized throughout the week includes courses that teach people to take a maximum advantage of their smartphone, also called e-learning.

The courses will also explain the alternatives offered by the labor market, how one’s training can be improved, how to take advantage of professional social networks for job search, how to work on the design of a professional profile with 2.0 tools.Also, the courses will contain those issues that are always to be cared about in detail such as the development of one’s CV and techniques to deal with a job interview.

Apart from the courses, Guadalinfo has conducted an interview with Lucas Rodríguez Cervera (@ lucascervera), an expert in strategies and business models. The interview includes questions from users and facilitators of the Guadalinfo network and will be broadcasted through live streaming during the Get Online Week.

Through its social networking profiles, Guadalin info will also shared and recommend the best content (own and from others) related to youth and improving their employability through ICTs.

Happy Get Online Week from Andalusia!