Get Your Facts Straight! online training in Croatia

COVID-19 preventive measures in Croatia were pretty severe, like in the majority of European countries, so CTC Rijeka created an online training course for the Get Your Facts Straight! training. The training course consists of interactive content (OERs) such as informative videos and tutorials, quizzes, infographics and other learning resources to improve and test participants’ knowledge and skills in the disinformation domain. Besides interactive content, the participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions in the forum, and trainers are there to help answer any questions, share interesting content and help with any technical issues that may arise.

Interactive quiz question from the Get Your Facts Straight online training course in Croatia

The online course was created on the Moodle platform which enables a lot of interactivity. The course was launched during All Digital Week 2020 and it has been going since then. The nature of the course allows the participants to access the course at any time and to finish it at their convenience since the COVID-19 situation put a lot of strain on people’s lives and the time they spend online – the idea is to help them learn in their own time and at their own pace.

So far, there are more than 50 registered participants on the course, more than half of them have finished the course so far, while others are continuing to learn. New people are still registering for the course, since the topic of the training is very relevant and actual with everything that is happening, so the course is going to remain opened in the future.

Participants who finished the course are young people, as well as adults, which is indicative that this topic is relevant to a wide public. As recognition for their efforts, the most active participants in the course received branded T-shirts.

The feedback we got from participants after the course is generally very positive, with participants stating that they will be using the skills and knowledge acquired in this course in their professional and personal lives. Other comments show that there was a need for this course, because there isn’t much talk about this topic in Croatia and a lot of people need this kind of information and advice.

The course proved to be useful to the participants and its contents very relevant for the current situation.

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This project is co-funded by Preparatory action "Media literacy for all" of the European Commission DG CNECT. Grant Agreement: LC-01249049