GOW2012 story from Lithuania: “IT Club & robot Victoria”

GOW12_Lithuania_11_CaseStudy3VRLet me introduce Mantvydas Vaičiūnas. He is 20. Matvydas is a 1st year student at Vilnius Universtity,  Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. He has numerous awards in contests in mathematics, physics, geography, history… Being a 15 year old teenager Matvydas founded the Šakiai region IT club where its members build robots.

IT club foundation

In March, 2007 the high school student Mantvydas had the idea of founding an information technology club that would  engage in the development of IT, should encourage interest in innovation, carry out a variety of IT related projects and pursue enthusiasts with an interest in IT and new technologies.

With the help of several  friends, he founded the Šakiai region information technology club. Since its inception, the club, together with some partners, has organized a series of events on information technology in their region. It helped organizing a summer camp and shared & initiated collaboration & advice on a variety of projects that require IT knowledge and skills. Now,  the team of the IT club thinks about implementing IT courses, certain technologies, and the promotion of common projects together with other organizations.


A year ago the head of the club, Mantvydas Vaičiūnas, came with the idea to initiate another interesting activity – to build robots. The first they built robot is called Victoria. “We had to improvise with the robot’s initial appearance and some technological parameters. Currently, we are working on improving the appearance of the robots.” – said Mantvydas.  After some additional development this robot as well as future ones are expected to participate in various competitions in Lithuania and abroad. The IT club of the Šakiai region is generating new, different ideas, and actively looking for partners for further projects.

» Story written by Karolina Jasvinaite for GOW2012 in Lithuania