GOW2013 partner for Malta: Malta Communications Authority

Malta-CEO_logoHAlready a partner for GOW2012GOW2011, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is again the Maltese national partner for Get Online Week 2013.

Local partnership

The organization will involve 13 ICT learning centres in NGOs and schools and has partnered with Microsoft.

MCA expects to reach about 500 people during the campaign week.

Planned activities

In the weeks before GOW2013 will take place, MCA will be launching a new initiative titled “Digital Angels”. The initiative is aimed at reducing the intergenerational digital divide by promoting the joint use of ICT by children and the elderly.

As part of this initiative, MCA will be launching a campaign in all schools to encourage children, aged 10-11 years, to participate in the scheme. Children will be asked to complete an exercise which entails them to pair up with a grandparent (or an adult aged 50 and over). Together they will engage in a computer based activity be it for entertainment, communication or learning purposes.

Each child will be provided with a poster template upon which the child will affix a photo which captures the activity the child and adult have engaged in. In addition to the photo, the child will have to caption the activity and include a short description of what they achieved.

During Get Online Week 2013, an exhibiton will be held in which all posters will be displyed and awards will be given to the winners..

Planned promotion

MCA will promote the campaign through their website (, all local media and Facebook.

Contact: Mr. Mark Schembri, Project Coordinator