GOW2013 partner for Sweden: Digidel 2013

Sweden_Digidel2013logoHAlready a partner for GOW2012GOW2011, Digidel 2013 is again the Swedish national partner for Get Online Week 2013.GOW13-Sweden_pins2H

Local partnership

The network will involve about 111 ICT learning centres in NGO’s, libraries, state or municipal organizations and in private organizations. The Minister of IT will participate and also the Swedish Digital Champion. There are about 60 to 200 activities planned.

Digidel2013 expects to reach about 2.000 people during the campaign week.

Planned promotion

Digidel 2013 will promote their campaign through their website (, pressreleases, facebook, twitter, local media and via an advertising-kit (flyers, posters, pins etc…) sent out to all partners.

Contact: GOW2013 Project leader Linda Sandberg (@copylinda) or the office:

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