GOW2013 partner for the Czech Republic: European Projects & Management Agency

Already a partner for GOW2012, the European Projects & Management Agency (EPMA) is again the Czech national partner for Get Online Week 2013.

Local partnership

The agency will involve 6.000 ICT learning centres in NGOs, libraries and state or municipal organizations, and in private organizations & schools.

CzechRepublic-SaferInternet_logoHAs a main partner,  NCBI (Czech Safer internet national awareness centre) has been invited to cooperate in the nationwide campaign. In the field of public administration, the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education are the main partners of the campaign.

The network of Czech Youth information centers (40 ICM centers in Czech regions) are partners for the dissemination of the learning tools among young people around the Czech Republic. Also the Association of information workers and librarians (SKIP) will take care of distributing the awareness materials in the network of public libraries (5900 public libraries, covering 15% of the Czech population).

The Association for internet advertising (SPIR) will be involved in the online promotion of the GOW2013 in the Czech Republic. The online portal for people with special needs will also be involved in promotion of the campaign. The organisations behind this portal are organizing a national Conference on Internet and information systems for people with specific needs (INSPO 2013) on March 16th, which annually brings together around 250 people. It will be a first opportunity to inform the target group about the GOW2013 campaign, later the campaign will be promoted through the portal.

EPMA, which among other activities runs trainings (online and personal) for the unemployed, self-employed and SMEs in various aspects of IT, will promote the campaign to these groups partnering with eNovation, a private company, which has the possibility to disseminate information to its wide network of Czech SMEs.

Also large commercial partners will be addressed to support the GOW2013 campaign in the Czech Republic – first of all Microsoft, Liberty Global (UPC) and Accenture Czech.

EPMA expects to involve about 3.300 people during the campaign week

Planned activities

The GOW2013 campaign will be launched under auspices of Mr. Kubice, Minister of Interior of the Czech Republic.

During the week, a media campaign will be launched to promote the GOW2013 goals and activities at both European and national levels. The online campaign is planned to publicize the updated and localized Skillage and Employment Toolkit tools, with the main focus on testing and improvement of the ICT skills of young people to increase their abilities to find a job. The unemployed, self-employed and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will also be targeted. An important group often facing eExclusion, i.e. people with special needs, will also be informed about the campaign.

Two other complementary Trans-European initiatives will be launched in the frame of the Get Online Week:
– The No Hate speech campaign initiated by the Council of Europe
– The eSafety label for schools organized by the European schoolnet

A press release will be published before the GOW2013 starts to announce the campaign and inform about the European and national activities planned for the week and beyond. During the week, Telecentre-Europe as well as national partners EPMA and NCBI will be promoted.

The Czech GOW 2013 campaign will cut across the three different themes of this year’s GOW campaign. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of eInclusion and related areas, the organizing entities have a deep understanding of which groups should be targeted in our context and which partnerships are the most fruitful ones in reaching the goals.

  • Theme My Digital Identity – Empowering youth already online: advanced users will also be targeted. While we will run campaigns about online safety and bullying online at the same time, we will keep in mind the promotion of advantages of being online. The campaign will also be promoted through social media.
  • Theme My eSkills Portfolio – Towards a job full of ICT: our campaign will greatly focus on schools, teachers as well as groups that need digital skills for entrepreneurship (detailed description above).
  • Theme My Online Journey – Engaging new onliners : newcomers to the Intenet should be targeted here. Our campaign will target youth, children as well as intergenerational learning, also focusing on promotion of eGov services available to citizens, this is especially relevant to unemployed and startup businesses, elderly, the physically impaired etc., all of whom will be targeted.

Planned promotion

Broadcast  & printed media:
Czech TV (Sama doma programe) – target: general public, housewifes – reach: 2,5 million people nationwide
Czech Radio 6 – target: general public – reach: 2,5 million people nationwide
Metropol TV – target: general public – reach 0,3 million people in Prague capitol city
Rizeni skoly monthly magazine – target: school management – reach 25 thousand professionals
Ikaros monthly magazine – target: public libraries – reach 10 thousands librarians

Online media: & web sites – target: young people, parents and teachers – reach: 2600 unique visitors weekly
EPMA website – target: general – reach: 100 unique visitors weekly
Helpnet portal – target: people with special needs and organisations focusing on them – reach 30000 unique visitors monthly
Saferinternet newsletter – target: schools – reach: 6200 schools
Saferinternet newsletter – special issue – target: for public libraries – reach: 5900 libraies
eNovation newsletter – target: mainly Czech SMEs – reach 400 SMEs etc.
Helpnet newsletter – target: people with special needs and organisations focusing on them – reach: 7400 copies sent out

Social media:
Facebook profile of Bezpecneonline – target: youths – reach: 480 people
Facebook profile of EPMA – target: general – reach: 95 weekly
Twitter profile of NCBI – target: internet users – reach: up to several hundred

Contact: Ms. Iva Walterova, Project Manager

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