In France, the Fête de l’Internet will take place 17-30 March

The French national digital inclusion campaign Fête de l’Internet takes place from the 17th to the 30th March, the week before our Get Online week. The idea this year is to support and encourage telecentres in France to continue activities into the following week, as part of the wider European campaign. 

During the Fête de l’Internet, all stakeholders are asked to organize events between 17 and 30 March to invite the public to discover and use online services to get more out of their lifes and make it easier to share projects.

As usual, the “Fête de l’Internet 2012” is an initiative of the Délégation aux usages de l’Internet (governmental department in charge of digital uses development) and the association Villes Internet, in partnership for this year with the digital centres’ networks’ group Creatif and the European network Telecentre-Europe.

Visuals are available for the “Fête de l’Internet” activities
To communicate and to promote events, visuals are downloadable and customizable :
Poster Fête de l’Internet 2012
– PDF file in A4 format
Customizable poster – PDF file in A4 format
Banner – JPEG file
Logo « Fête de l’Internet 2012 » (white)– JPEG file
Logo « Fête de l’Internet 2012 » (blue) – JPEG file

Registration events of the “Fête de l’Internet” on the schedule NetPublic
Events may already be included on the schedule NetPublic.

The official keyword of the “Fête de l’Internet” : #fi2012 and the Twitter wall
To publish messages on Twitter and the others social networks (Google Plus…) about the “Fête de l’Internet 2012”, the keyword (or keyclick) which has to be used is #fi2012. A special Twitter wall “Fête de l’Internet” will be available on the website NetPublic ( from 1st March to increase the visibility of events.