2020: Help Desk for an inclusive and transformative school

Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) was the ALL DIGITAL Week partner for the eighth time.

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale activated an actual help desk to support the distance teaching and all those teachers who, without adequate tools and methodologies, had been forced to move their lessons online.

FMD is proud to have been able to give their support to the school world during this difficult time when teachers, but also students and families, were asked to make a big effort to accelerate the process of digital transformation. The help desk has proved to be a valid tool for sharing good practices, useful to activate a virtuous circle.

From 23 to 29 March Fondazione Mondo Digitale and its 10 partners, important companies in Italy such as Microsoft, Google and Eni, offered 30 webinars for more than 1,000 people.

Webinars, online courses, best practices and tools were dedicated to students and teachers: from the online lab on artificial intelligence in collaboration with Microsoft (Ambizione Italia Project) to the multimedia resources to talk about with young people about bullying and gender violence (Gender Equality Matters Project). The Fondazione Mondo Digitale  involved also young people who are going to enter the world of work, parents of children and adolescents struggling with the web and social networking platforms and the elderly with their need to stay connected. The intention was not only to offer a support service, but also to create opportunities to share experiences and good practices.

Some examples of activities:

  • with the “CS First” project, in collaboration with Google, 200 teachers figured out how to bring students closer to STE(A)M;
  • 100 parents have acquired the tools to tackle the digital transformation in the family, while about 70 teachers have approached the concepts of digital education thanks to “Vivi Internet al meglio”, Google project;
  • with “ & Fra.ME”, in collaboration with Eni, and “Coding Girls Torino“, in collaboration with the Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione Mondo Digitale oriented more than 300 girls to studies and professions in the STE(A)M sector.

Another example is the digital help desk for third age that allows grandparents and students to virtually connect: together they discover useful digital tools to face this difficult time. Another initiative born to stay at the side of the over 60 also and especially at this time is #missionenonno: video lessons as part of the Maestri D’Italia project promoted by Tim.

Added to this are the webinars of the project Fattore J, promoted with Janssen Italia, a real path of awareness and training for the Italian school that helps young people to develop emotional intelligence, respect and empathy towards people suffering from diseases. And the online workshops dedicated to primary school teachers carried out in collaboration with the Erickson Study Center.

During this period Fondazione Mondo Digitale involved other 5,400 people in the activities.

Some webinars available on

Contact: Francesca Meini