2020: Digital transformation of the society, government and businesses

The ALL DIGITAL Week 2020 in Latvia will be organised by the Latvian Information and Communication technology association (LIKTA), the national partner for the campaign since its start in 2010.

In Latvia the All Digital Week 2020 will address the wider scope of Digital transformation, not just skills, but also awareness of benefits of Digital technologies for citizens and Businesses.

There will be five  thematic days with central events:

  • March 23 – High level opening event “Latvia – digital leader “
  • March 24 – Open data
  • March 25 – Women in IT
  • March 26 – Digital identity and security and Cyber night 2020
  • March 27- ICT professionals day

Besides there will be many trainingsessions, online tests, webinars and other activities all around Latvia.

Central event with targeted topics will be organized by coordinators and principal partners.

In addition different training workshops, seminars, online tests and competitions will be  organized by regional partners: libraries, schools, state employment agency centers, etc.

The campaign will be promoted through the special dedicated website; organisational websites and and social media