2020: Innovated library for the digitally skilled society of Lithuania

The Association Langas Į Ateitį (LiA) has been the Lithuanian national partner for ALL DIGITAL Week since its kick-off back in 2010. In 2020, for the 11th time, Langas į ateitį  led the campaign in Lithuania. However, it was the first time when association had to organize the initiative online only, and it was a great risk to miss the campaign due to Coronavirus restrictions. But together with partners Langas I ateiti achieved its goal to organize a campaign, which encouraged people to use the internet and discover how many different activities are offered online.

Starting with the first day of All Digital Week 2020, 54 different activities like online seminars, video lessons and educational tools, tests were offered on the following topics:

  • Monday – communication online
  • Tuesday – online banking
  • Wednesday – online shopping
  • Thursday – critical thinking
  • Friday – e-government services

This year Langas I ateiti decided to focus more on developing critical thinking skills, which have become extremely important in the pandemic situation. Today, critical thinking is a key competence, which is as important as reading or writing, although this skill must be constantly updated and improved. That is why All Digital Week 2020 campaign in LT started with the test “Do you think critically?” and “12 Critical Thinking Tips” online. The tool suggested to consider the information source, check the author, look for supporting sources, ask experts and do not share the information until you are sure it is accurate. During the campaign, Lithuanian citizens were actively using the tool – over 1,300 participants.

Langas I ateiti also hosted an online discussion “I do (not) Think Critical”, during which well-known experts shared their opinion on the digital age challenges, gave advice on how to protect yourself and use media to your advantage.

‘I do (not) think critical’ discussion

One of the exceptionally new educational tool, created by Langas I ateiti experts together with Association of Lithuanian banks, was DEMO BANK, which allows to practice e-banking services without being a user. The goal is to encourage non-users to see e-banking service from “inside”, practice it, see the advantages, measure its convenience, get confidence in using this e-service. DEMO Bank can be found on During All Digital Week it was used by 870 site visitors and received a lot of good evaluation. The tool will be used in the future and will offer more functions for e-banking service training.

There were about 1,100 visitors each day on the website. The most popular topic was online banking (2,000 visitors), the most popular activities were video lessons, Critical Thinking Tips and test, and the most popular video lessons were about safer internet, digital creation, smartphones.

Discussion on Artificial Intelligence

During this difficult time 187 Lithuanian public libraries and their branches actively participated in promoting Langas I ateiti activities online involving 8,657 people in them. A lot of publicity in mass media helped to reach a similar number of participants as in previous years.

Almost 770,000 people were reached by media activities. Some of the media instances:

Contact: Simona Gogelyte