For 2018 edition of ALL DIGITAL Week, the eSkills Malta Foundation was the National Partner for the first time.

The Foundation promoted a number of digital events between the 19th and 25th March to mark the campaign and invited various organisations to organize digital events during this period for a target group audience. It also promoted the targeting of young or older students in coding or computational thinking. Targetting girls or citizens or techies was also encouraged.

Digital Payments Workshop

A series of events were scheduled ranging from a school visit by Form Four students to one of Malta’s renowned IT Companies NetRefer, to the participation of various students, both Maltese and Foreigners, in an an international e-payments workshop. In Malta this was organized by MCAST. This workshop was concurrently organised in 5 Universities Colchester Institute, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, FH Salzburg, Odisee, and Westerdals.

Visit to an IT company

Also, as part of the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018, eSkills Malta foundation and Certiadria worked on an initiative to assess the digital literacy skills of unemployed individuals and students. The initiative is motivated by the importance of these skills in the 21st century lives. This initiative is also enabled to test digital literacy skills by going through 3 exams based on the IC3 Global standard 5 created and administrated by Certiport.

Other activities included Learning by playing, participation in the Million Dollar Idea, lessons in Website Development, Computer Graphics and Computer Sytems, and an Information Session on the Digital opportunity Traineeships.

Visit to an IT company

The seminar on the Digital Traineeships opportunities that the eSkills Malta Foundation is organizing in collaboration with the European Union Programmes Agency – EUPA was the highlight of the campaign. The purpose of the seminar is to promote and create a greater awareness of the opportunities offered by ERASMUS +. The organization of this seminar is in line with one of the Foundation’s mandate to contribute to the expansion of ICT educational programmes and related formative initiatives.

Altogether, e-Skills Malta Foundation together with its partners organised 14 events for 630 participants and reached 8,100 people in Malta.

Main page for the campaign

Twitter: @DigitalSkillsMT

Contact: Bernadette Zerafa


  • Overview of commitments for ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Malta – see below





In 2018, eSkills Malta Foundation for the first time will lead the ALL DIGITAL Week activities in Malta.

The eSkills Malta Foundation is a coalition of various representatives from Government, industry and education with the following mandate:

  • to advise Government and stakeholders on matters related to eSkills policy;
  • to contribute to the expansion of ICT educational programmes and related formative initiatives;
  • to lead an ICT professionalism development programme;
  • to instigate further reform in the ICT educational offerings and contribute to capacity-building in the ICT education community; and
  • ​​to champion campaigns and promote the Maltese eSkills potential locally and internationally.

For the ALL DIGTIAL Week, eSkills Malta Foundation have involved many partners, each of them will have their own outreach and capacity:

  • MEDE (Ministry of Education and Employment)
  • MCA – Malta Communications Authority – ALL DIGITAL Member and National partner of the campaign in 2011-2013
  • Easypeasy – local company on digital skills
  • MCAST (Malta College of Arts and Technology)
  • Certandria

The campaign is promoted through major local newspapers, television, websites and social media.

Together with its partners, eSkills Malta Foundation will engage 500 people

Twitter: @DigitalSkillsMT

Contact: Bernadette Zerafa