GOW2012 partner for Poland: Information Society Development Foundation

Already a partner for GOW2011, the Information Society Development Foundation (Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Informacyjnego – FRSI) is again the Polish national partner for Get Online Week 2012. The key message of the campaign in Poland will be solidarity between generations and the role of technology, in line with the fact that 2012 is the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

The foundation will involve about 1000 telecentres in NGO’s, libraries, state or municipal organizations and in schools. Planned activities are hands-on trainings & demonstrations, workshops & introductions to the internet. FRSI will also conduct a competition for the best story/report from the event/meeting organized during Get Online Week 2012.

Telecentres involved in the campaign (libraries and schools) will organize events (workshops) and meetings according to scenarios developed by the Information Society Development Foundation. The goal will be to bring together three generations (children, parents and grandparents) to spend some quality time with themselves and the Internet.

The plan is to prepare simple, ready-to-use scenarios in the following areas:

  • “Plant a tree in the Internet” – children, parents and grandparents will build their family tree using the ICT tools
  • “In 80 minutes around the world” – online tour: children, parents and grandparents will visit six continents
  • “The warm-up before EURO 2012” – children, parents and grandparents will compete in a football quiz using the Internet resources

FRSI expects to have hundreds of events and meetings organized in libraries and schools around Poland during the Get Online Week. Every telecentre involved in the campaign can organize a meeting or event according to the specific scenario – they can choose one, two or more from ready-to-use scenario developed by FRSI. The plan is to involve various partners: public administration, business, and NGOs.

The campaign will be promoted widely through: the website for public libraries (, the Library Development Program’s (implemented by the Foundation), a newsletter (4500 subscribers), the websites and newsletters of all partners involved in the campaign, the websites and other information channels popular in the librarian and school communities, the media (radio, newspapers, TV, general information portals).

FRSI will prepare and distribute press releases, initiate radio and press interviews, as well as TV materials. The telecentres involved in the campaign will received templates of press releases and other promotional materials so they can easily promote their activities during the Get Online Week 2012 on the regional and local level.

On March 26th the Polish Get Online Week campaign will be launched with an event at the University Library in Warsaw for about 80 people (VIP guests, patrons and partners of the Get Online Week and journalists).

Partners of Get Online Week in Poland are Microsoft, UPC Poland, CEO (Center for Citizenship Education) and members of the Coalition for the Digital inclusion of the 50+ Generation “M@turity in the net”, such as: Polish Telecom (TP SA), the Office of Electronic Communications and the Ministry of Industry.

They expect to reach about 10.000 people during the campaign’s week.

Contact: Ms. Jolanta Jezowska, Specialist in Advocacy, Communication and Development

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