GOW2012 partner for Portugal: Foundation for Science and Technology

Already a partner in 2010 and 2011, the Foundation for Science and Technology (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia) is again the Lithuanian national partner for Get Online Week 2012.

The foundation will involve 1.151 telecentres in libraries and state or municipal organizations. Planned activities are hands-on trainings & demonstrations and workshops & introductions to the internet.

Different actions are planned for different target group. For young people and the unemployed they will organize awareness actions in ICT jobs opportunities and training in online searching for a job, how to build a European resume, to make a cover letter, to put the resume online. For young people at risk this activity includes visits to ICT entreprises. For local entrepreneurs and people who want to disseminate a small business through the internet, there will be development actions in the domain of entrepreneurship. For kids and teenagers there will be discussions about the safe use of internet and the presentation of some videos. For the public in general there will be training in basic e-Skills  and the emission of a certificate.

The foundation will promote their campaign through a press release, through invitations sent by mailing lists and through contacts by phone to reassure the  participation of the telecentres.

Through a partnership with RUTIS (Senior Universities Network), they expect to involve about 1.000 people.

Contact: Mrs. Elisabete Fei, ICT & Society Officer