Past Editions of All Digital Week

ALL DIGITAL WEEK (originally called Get Online Week) started in 2010 as the first major pan-European awareness raising campaign on digital skills for inclusion and employment. It has been organised every March by ALL DIGITAL, a European association representing networks of digital competence centres, in collaboration with national partners, supported by IT companies, European Commission, and other relevant stakeholders.

The original Get Online Week was inspired by the campaign with the same name run by Good Things Foundation and Online Centres Network in the UK.

ALL DIGITAL (formerly known as Telecentre-Europe) extended it to the European level, to get new computer users online by helping them to get through the doors of their local ICT learning centres, enabling the staff to build people’s confidence to move on into a more structured learning. In 2010-2021, the campaign reached over 1 400 000 Europeans in more than 25 000 learning centres across Europe. Thanks to the campaign, more than 250,000 people have used the Internet for the very first time.

Among the earliest and staunchest supporters of the European Get Online Week was Foundation, one of the founders of Telecentre Europe. The Foundation lent support in various ways, including engaging its global community to expand Get Online Week and bring it to other regions like Africa and the Middle East.

Over the years, the campaign was supported by Microsoft, Liberty Global, Accenture, Telenet, Cisco, Mozilla Foundation, Certiport.

Learn about the past editions of the campaign: