Press Release from Poland: GET ONLINE WEEK 2013 IS OPEN FOR ENTRIES

Warsaw, POLAND | 19 FEBRUARY 2013

GOW13_Poland_logoHOn February 18th, the Polish coordinators of Get Online Week 2013 have announced the opening of the registration for Polish campaign participants. The participants – libraries, schools, cultural centres and other public institutions equipped with computers with internet access – are invited to organize events and meetings that enable a better acquaintance with the internet and its potential.  The campaign will also be joined by volunteers – “Lighthouse Keepers of the Digital Poland” – who show to people aged over 50 how to use modern technologies.

In order to encourage as many institutions as possible to participate in the campaign and in order to facilitate their task of organizing meetings for the local population, the Polish campaign coordinators prepared special ready-to-use scenarios with ideas for such meetings:

  1. Let’s play experiments” – it is a meeting at which people from various age groups will together carry out simple and impressive experiments concerning the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The participants will play the roles of research scientists and will find out that experimenting can be a great fun. They will learn for example that there is a substance with properties of both a solid and a liquid, they will check what sounds can be made by water filled glasses or what scent intensity depends on. And they will search the internet for additional information about each of their experiments. (The scenario prepared by the Information Society Development Foundation in cooperation with the EE Laboratory).
  1. Try walking in my shoes” – participants of this meeting will try to log in to a social portal wearing winter or… boxing gloves, then they will write a simple text without seeing the screen. They will also view a rather unknown video clip with the sound turned off and will try to describe, on the basis of images alone, what the song is about and what melody it has. That way they will find out what difficulties are faced by the disabled when using a computer and the internet. They will also see the modern technological solutions which make their functioning in the digital world not only possible but considerably easier. (The scenario prepared by the Foundation Supporting Physically Disabled Mathematicians and IT Specialists).
  1. A venture into the Internet” – it is a meeting run by volunteers – the “Lighthouse Keepers of the Digital Poland”, addressed to people aged over 50 with no previous experience with the internet. It will start with a conversation about what modern technologies can be useful for in everyday life. Each participant will learn what information useful for him or her can be found online and will discover how and where to look for such information. There will be exercises with a search engine, video calls via the internet and browsing interesting internet resources, e.g. museum collections or even viewing a sky map online! (The scenario prepared by the Cities on Internet Association).

Moreover, the organizers may use the five scenarios from the previous editions of the Get Online Week updated for purposes of this year’s campaign. These include: “Virtual Listener’s Choice”, “Health Clinic” and “Talk? – Priceless” (scenarios targeted at seniors), “Around the World in 80 Minutes” and “Plant a Tree on the Internet” (scenarios of cross-generational meetings).

Institutions and volunteers – the “Lighthouse Keepers of the Digital Poland” who want to join the campaign may register, starting from 18 February, at where the registration form and all necessary information, including the meeting scenarios, are available.

Polish Local Digital Champions or

The Get Online Week 2013 campaign is supported by the Polish Digital Champion – Włodzimierz Marciński.

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