Activity Seminar in Youth Job Centres
Country Lithuania
Developed by association “Langas i ateiti”
Main theme of the activity Online safety and cybersecurity
Level Beginner
Activity length (in hours) 3
Target groups NEETs (not in education, employment or training)
suitable for schoolchildren


The main goal of the activity is to improve ICT skills for job, especially, safety online skills and encourage young people (NEETs) to choose ICT career participating in the activity. The activity was developed for the 2017 campaign, which was a great possibility to promote the country needs for ICT jobs and to give inspiration for young people to get acquainted with  their peers work experience, acquire skills mostly needed in the labour market of today.

We have come with this activity idea to one of the business companies in Vilnius. Together with their volunteers a seminar format has been developed as well as activity planning during the campaign.

The main idea of the seminar was to have activities which are motivating, attractive, interesting, up-to–date, providing possibility to discuss, ask questions, compete, listen to inspiring lectures. The activity was planned to be organized in 37 Youth Job Centers across the country. It was agreed with the company volunteers to prepare a unique seminar content, scenario, materials and deliver the activity during the campaign – no matter which position they were in.


The activity was targeted to NEETs, so the main objectives of this 2-hour workshop are:
1) invite private business employees/VOLUNTEERS to join the campaign;
2) Improve ICT skills for NEETS emphasysing security online;
3) encourage young people to choose ICT career.
One more objective is to enter into cooperation with 37 Youth Job Centres situated in different regions of Lithuania.


Classroom or any other premises with chairs, PC, multimedia, PPT, souvenirs, water


  1. Information about the audience (number of people), activity time, premises and multimedia prepared in advance.
  2. Unique PPT is to be prepared for the lecturer (sample attached).
  3. One slide is dedicated to the lecturer’s CV and their present position
  4. Questions and answers
  5. Souvenirs to the most active participant, or best question, etc. Depends on the number of souvenirs.


The activity takes up to 2 hours depending on the size of the group.

  1. Find out about the audience and agree on the topic and dates
  2. Prepare PPT ( sample attached)
  3. Dedicate 1 slide to your own story
  4. Prepare questions needed at the end
  5. Have some souvenirs or sweets to motivate the participants to ask or answer questions, share experience.
  6. Start your seminar with the introduction about ALL DIGITAL Week
  7. You can use this quiz Ever wonder how good you are at telling the difference between a legitimate website and one that’s a phishing attempt?


It is advisable not to be too fast, better to stop after every slide and ask if there are any questions.
When describing the lecturer’s CV, it is advisable to tell what ICT technologies are used by him/her at present, what was new and what was not before he/she started her job career. The topic of the presentation could vary according to the presenter’s interests or hobbies


If you meet the group for the first time, introduce not only yourself, but take some time to know the group participants. Speak slowly and friendly:)


cyber_security_ideas_for_lecture (ENG)

Sample presentation_LT