2020: Achieving digital inclusion and empowerment for all Romanians!

A partner in all previous editions from the beginning in 2010, EOS Foundation again, for the 11th time, is the Romanian national partner for ALL DIGITAL Week 2020.

EOS Romania Foundation will organise the All Digital Week campaign in Romania in partnership with the National Association of Libraries and Librarians. For the first time, EOS will be organising the campaign activities under the umbrella of the National Coalition for Digital Education in Romania – a network of 10 organisations working in the field of inclusion and digital competences.

EOS envisages to generate interest to organise ALL Digital Week campaign activities with at least:

  • 100 schools
  • 100 libraries
  • 20 NGOs
  • 4 universities

The partner organisations will engage in their turn other partners from their local networks to make the messages related to the development of an inclusive and well prepared digital society in Romania as well heard as possible and involving 10,000 people in activities.

During the All Digital Week 2020, EOS will focus on the following main activity strands:

1. My first click! Basic digital literacy workshops and activities. These activities will be targeting people who have never used a computer before. The Digital Competences Development System platform will be used to bring beginners on board of the digital society. Activities will be taking place in schools, libraries, and NGOs.

2. Teacher Digital Skills development activities will be organised through the introduction and presentation of free online training opportunities. These activities will be organised directly by EOS Romania.

3. Schools will be invited to join the MakeCode with Micro:bit strand of activities dedicated to students aged 11 to 15 (but also older if interested) who would like to learn the basics of coding using a small programmable device called the BBC Micro:bit.

4. Digital jobs for young women is a new activity being introduced in the 2020 All Digital Week. EOS will be promoting a new digital profiling tool which was developed in the Women4IT project and which helps young women assess their skills and readiness for jobs in the digital market.

5. EOS will be organising a series of workshops in Timisoara and Bucharest to raise awareness about fake news and the dangers of disinformation. Workshops will be mainly offered to yougn people and groups of parents who are interested to learn about this topic.

6. Just like in the past years, durign the 2020 All Digital Week, EOS will offer multiple opportunities to teachers, adults and students to check the level of their ICT skills by taking one of the Certiport practice tests or certification exams.

7. Accessibility to ICT and the Internet for people with disabilities will continue to stay high on the agenda of the 2020 campaign. In this context, EOS will organise with its partner – the Association for the Integration of Persons with Disabilites a campaign to raise awareness among public institutions about the need to make their websites accessible for people with visual impairment.

8. Introductory webinars about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science will be organised for the first time during the ALL Digital Week. This activity will be undertaken in partnership with four universities in Romania that are interested to further develop bootcamps or accelerated learning programs for their students on the topics related to AI and the cloud.

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