2019: Get essential digital skills to make the most of the opportunities!

ALL DIGITAL Week in Russia was led by PH International. In 2019, as in all the previous years since 2010, the ALL DIGITAL Week was run within Microsoft Tvoy Kurs (Your Course) project.

The tenth edition of the ALL DIGITAL Week in Russia appeared to be truly impressive and successful –  263 libraries, kindergartens, children’s learning centers, schools, colleges, universities and non-profits exposed more than 23,000 participants from 57 urban and rural locations countrywide to the unlimited digital world through 430 training and raising awareness events and activities.

Volgograd – digital marathon workshop

To make it happen, the IT for Youth project promoted the campaign through the extensive network of the project partners and via the project website that hosted the campaign online, so that anyone could register as a campaign participant, track real time participation and engagement rate per region on the interactive map, as well as use the huge number of relevant resources and teaching/learning materials.

The ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in Russia had a primary focus on helping children and youth aged from 6 to 18, gain the digital skills and computer science education required in today’s information-centric world, and stay safe online. Young participants, including those from various disadvantaged groups were introduced to safe online practices through a variety of seminars, training events, educational online games, quizzes and virtual trips that aimed at stimulating teenagers to reflect on issues such as safety in the digital world, online reputation, rights and responsibilities.

Engaging and enjoyable coding and robotics events enabled primary and secondary school students to discover programming as a captivating and creative process, and stimulated their interest in further computer science studies.

After School Coding Club in Barysh, Ulyanovsk region

For example, over 100 participants from 14 schools of Togliatti and the region joined the First Open VR Hackathon creating VR apps. The hackathon targeted schoolchildren aged from 13 to 18 and aimed to introduce teens to the powerful VR technology, bring them new opportunities to practice their engineering skills and work on interesting problems, as well as develop today’s essential digital workplace skills such as spatial and creative thinking, team-building spirit and collaboration skills.

Togliatti – Web VR Hackathon

A wide range of IT career guidance trainings, hands-on workshops, career fairs and master-classes from IT experts provided school and college students with an opportunity to explore the ever-evolving world of technology-based jobs and start thinking about career in information technology as an attractive pathway for them to choose.

Seminar for older users in Noyabrsk

A series of online and offline events were organized for parents to monitor children’s online activities and learn about strategies on keeping kids safe online, while educators took part in numerous professional development activities, media literacy and online safety conferences, and were equipped with new knowledge and valuable resources and tutorials. Older people were trained how to use the internet and computers in a safe and beneficial way.

ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 paid special attention to children and youngsters form various disadvantaged groups: orphans, kids with disabilities, and kids from remote area:

  • Kaliningrad IT for Youth project center coordinator discussed hot cyber security topics with kids who have to stay in hospital; inspired hard of hearing students to take up a career in ICT sector; and helped to set kids’ rules for online safety for kids from the Kaliningrad orphanage.
  • Young children from rehabilitation centers and orphanage in Ulyanovsk, Ursk (Novokuznetsk region) and Tomsk learned a bunch of interesting things with Scratch and robotics, and practiced their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.
  • The librarians from Mikhailovka (Volgograd region) held an online safety seminar for elementary students from a local special education school for the blind and visually impaired, and played educational computer games specifically developed for blind children.

    Kaliningrad – IT career training

Tambov was the leader in the number of ALL DIGITAL Week participants, engaging over 5000. Rostelecom, the largest digital service provider in Russia supported the campaign in Tambov. A series of big data workshops especially created and run by the Rostelecom leading engineers and the Tambov State Technical University teachers, introduced university students to the concept of the rapidly developing technology, its definition, features, and value. The experts identified the significance and opportunities of big data, presented big data initiatives all over the world, analyzed the challenges (data complexity, computational complexity, and system complexity) and possible solutions to address them.

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Contact: Mr. Yakov Ostanin, Project manager