2020:  Promoting digital and media literacy in education and learning

For the second year, the campaign in Serbia will be organised by the Media Education Centre.

The campaign will be organised in collaboration with the Intergovernmental Working Group for Media Literacy in Serbia and with the support from Serbian Minister without Portfolio in charge for Sustainable Development Goals and Demography Policy and Also, Serbian and Vojvodina Public Service.

The focus of the campaign will be media and digital literacy.

Media Education Centre (MEC) will hold a series of Media Literacy workshops in different places in Serbia as a part of the National Campaign about the importance of the creation of the new digital tools for development of the Global Citizenship Education and Education for Sustainable Development in Serbia.

Media Education Centre has very good experience in the EU-UNESCO Building Trust in Media project (start 2015, ongoing) with the focus on the new technologies, internet, social networks advocacy, campaign and non-formal education – preparation for the lifelong learning. Various materials from the project, from the background document to the position paper and the archive of the educational and promotional material, will be used during the All Digital Week in Serbia in workshops. Participants of the workshops will be future online-virtual volunteers and will will help in dissemination and visibility.

The events are planned in various cities of Serbia: Belgrade, Novi Sad and Sombor but we are in negotiation to include Becej, Novi Becej, Veliko Gradiste, Bela Crkva, Pancevo, Vrsac, Subotica, etc.

MEC will start with the combination of the online and face-to-face Digital Literacy workshops to give first training for young leaders – trainers and after that will use their internet platform for collection of all outcomes as a future educational resource.

Lessons of the experts will be online, visible for all interested population. Practical work will be in every place organized with members of the network.

Part of the Digital Literacy activities will be the DIMMER what is a response to the contemporary Digital cultural environment. When people create media as a way to learn, they build critical thinking, communication, collaboration and citizenship skills.

Over 50 organisations are planned to join the campaign to offer events for 5,000 people.

Contact:  Miomir Rajcevic, President of Media Education Centre