2020: A glimpse into future: Be active in digital present!


Simbioza Genesis Social Enterprise  is the national partner in Slovenia for the 6th time.

Simbioza will promote the right to access the ICT to all citizens in order to build an inclusive digital society. That is why the principal activities are based on empowering people with digital literacy through intergenerational cooperation, lifelong learning and through the practice of gender inclusivity.

The All Digital Week campaign 2020 in Slovenia will be mainly focused on providing access to new technologies (ICT) and dissemination of digital literacy for senior citizens (+55), but there will also be various other activities to increase the digital skills and competences among other social groups.

For senior citizens, the campaign will raise the awareness especially on usability problems, which seem to be the capital obstacle and issue for older people in adopting and consequently effectively and adequately practicing the new technologies. Simbioza will deliver basic and advanced ICT education for seniors (effective and safe usage of smart mobile phones, tablets and computers etc.) but with a bit of a twist. Together with partners, Simbioza will also organise interactive presentations of technologies of the future (VR, robotics and other innovative technologies etc), which elderly participants will be able to test. The main goal is not only to provide the empirical experience and insight into the technologies of the future through educational, informal, interactive experiences for the elderly, but above all to help them overcome their fear of using the technologies already available to them.

The program of introducing ”the technologies of the future”, which will be provided by our partners (among them Jožef Stefan Institute – one of the top ten research institutes in Europe) will start in March and will be intensified during All Digital Week at Simbioza BTC City Lab. The program will later on run throughout the whole year. By getting involved or just by acquiring the awareness of the immense benefits and unlimited opportunities resulting from using ICT, and with a glimpse into the future technologies, will help seniors to become “fearless” active participants in our digital society.

In accordance with the motto, one more topic will be emphasised during the campaign 2020 – the importance of raising digital literacy among other social groups, especially among the children and youth in order that “today’s youth” is ready for “tomorrow’s world”. The main focus will be in raising the interest for STEM professions, promotion of coding, etc. Most of the activities during the campaign will be concentrated and aimed toward the special target group – primary school girls. In October 2019, Simbioza together with partners started a pilot project Girls Do Code – project offers the opportunity (free of charge) for 112 girls (8-11 years) to learn logical thinking and programming in, which is not available in school curriculum. The six-month project will be concluded during the All Digital Week, with the two-day Hackathon for girls (first of its kind in Slovenia).

Partners, supporters and other interested stakeholders will also organise other events (workshops, roundtables, seminars, etc.) on the topic of digitalization in order to embrace all individuals, regardless of any characteristic that can encourage discrimination.


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Contact: Brigita Dane