2020: Digital Inclusion with the user in focus


Föreningen Sambruk – Municipalities for Joint Development of e-Services – is the Swedish national partner for the seventh time.

ALL DIGITAL Week in Sweden is run by the Swedish network organization ‘Digidelnätverket’ – coordinating and overseeing the activities all over Sweden.

Public libraries, local public authorities, adult educational associations, NGOs and the private business sector create united actions all over Sweden to give people tools and approaches to enhance their digital skills.

Many organizers have a week long programme with various activities, in which public visitors are invited to participate and increase their digital competence. In addition, most libraries offer daily drop-in sessions so that the public can bring personal digital questions. Also common is mini fairs, in which local public authorities can give support in different e-services.

Example of events that will take place in Sweden:
– The city of Borås is arranging drop-in sessions for the public’s digital questions at 20 different locations in the city, public libraries and meeting places for senior citizens.
– The UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) is arranging a “Senior Surf Cafe” to complete the TV-show “The Senior Surfers” now running on Swedish Television (SVT).
– More than 20 DigidelCenter (Centers for digital inclusion) in Sweden will support citizens with digital daily support
– The Region of Gävleborg will arrange a regional conference: “Digital participation in Gävleborg – how does it really look?”
– The Library of Uddevalla will arrange a “Digital mini fair or convention” about digital services for the general public together with the Uddevalla Municipality, the Employment agency and the “Mediapoolen” – Digital media services for seniors. Also, the private bank sector will be present and showing digital services such as the E-identification BankID.
– Digidelnätverket will launch a web based campaign during the ALL DIGITAL Week. It is called The Digidel Challenge and is collecting examples of how citizens and organizations can make digital life easier for other people.

On a national level Sambruk promotes the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign in collaboration with the National Royal Library, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, the Swedish Internet Foundation, the Swedish Agency for Participation, the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS).

With its 200 partners, Föreningen Sambruk expects to involve 7,000 participants in the campaign activities.


Sweden ALL DIGITAL Week 2020 has its own MAP OF EVENTS


Twitter: @Digidel

Contact: Ms. Terese Raymond, project manager