Tell us about your events for ALL DIGITAL Week 2019!

The map of events for 2019 is open!

The map of events is open, and we invite digital competence centres, VET providers, lifelong learning organisations, youth organisations, schools, libraries, social enterprises and anyone else interested to get involved by organising relevant events for ALL DIGITAL Week 2019.

Who is the ALL DIGITAL Week for?

The ALL DIGITAL Week is for everybody! It is to help people with no, low, or insufficient digital skills to improve them through various training activities.  Encourage your students/patrons/learners/neighbours/colleagues to try something new or learn a new skill during this week to help them be safe online, enhance their work productivity or study better, be media literate, prepare for a new job or enjoy the the communication with the loved ones.

We haven’t found out country in the list of partners. Can we participate?

ANYBODY can join the campaign. You can organise an event yourselves and let us know about it by adding it on the ALL DIGITAL Week Map.

Any ideas on which events to organise?

  • Browse our RESOURCES for inspiration
  • Get some hints from our national partners by reading the profiles in the PARTNERS section
  • Check the available events on the map

When should we add the event on the map? 

It is better to add it as soon as the even is planned. This will probably encourage others to follow your example, and you can learn by browsing events what people in different countries are planning.

After the event is conducted, you can go back to your form and describe how it went – let us know your impressions, share participants feedback and photos.


All event organisers will receive the certificate after they complete the form. If the event is described well, has photos and feedback from participants, it automatically enters the contest for the Best training or Best promo event, the winners of which will be invited to attend the ALL DIGITAL Summit in Bologna in October and will receive the travel grant.

Read more about organising events and adding events to the map