“The Cradle of e-Skills” a GOW2013 story from Lithuania

During Get Online Week 2013, Langas i ateiti organized an essay competition. Underneath is the winning article from the authors Vida Krenciuviene & Zita Maciene.

“Every library visitor correctly notes that the modern library, with lots of illuminated computer monitors on the tables, is not only the cradle of e-skills but also an irreplaceable human helpmate”

Window to the future

The 1st computer reached the Telšiai Karolina Praniauskaitė library branch of Varniai in 2005, and the message inmediately hit the local community members.

It is amazing to see how Varniai residents do not intend to stay behind with new technology. As soon as they found the announcement of these activities at the library, they signed up for the ICT courses and soon improved their knowledge, regardless their age.

It is a daily pleasure to see our seniors being attentive at the computer screen while distrustfully moving the mouse but persistently trying to be perfect and learn more and more.

For many of them, these classes have become their true „langas i ateiti“ (in English: „their window to the future“) as well as a component of their success story.

Local community star

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis certainly applies to Stanislovas Genutis’ everyday life and voluntary activities. He started to study the e-citizen‘s ABC in 2007 with no computer at home. “After my graduation from the ICT courses I became an even more active library visitor and spent more and more time at the PC, browsing the web, using e-mail…”– told Mr. Stanislovas.

Now Stanislovas is the chairman of the literature club „Lyra“ and a freelance reporter of the local newspapers. His articles describe the life of the local community and are very attractive because Stanislovas is smartly using computer and digital camera technologies.

Mr. Stanislovas’ publications about interesting items of the cultural life of the local community are hosted in the library website. His PC stores a lot of his poems and photos, as well as his valuable mails from his friends and relatives from UK and Germany.

Making a difference

IT made a difference in the life of the senior citizens of Varniai. Under the supervision of a member of the community, Mr. Algirdas J.Purtokas, an ancestors team book „Through the gates of life“ has been structured and will published later.

So this is the computer!… Everyday the cradle of e-skills.