GOW2012 video from Belgium: Neelie Kroes applauds the digital heroes of European telecentres

This video, created by Get Online Week supporter Liberty Global shows Neelie Kroes (EC Vice President and in charge of the Digital Agenda for Europe) at the campaign’s launch event in Brussels on March 8th.

It also contains interviews with Gabi Barna (Chair of Telecentre-Europe), Ian Clifford (Deputy Chair of Telecentre-Europe), Linda Coregudo Steneberg (Director, European Commission, DG INFSO), Edit Herczog (Member of European Parliament for Hungary), Laure Lemaire, Director of Interface3, the telecentre in Brussels where the campaign is being launched in 2012, and Board member of Telecentre-Europe, Roy Sharon, Director of Corporate Responsibility of Liberty Global, Sylvie Laffarge, Director Community Affairs, EMEA Microsoft and Ekaterina Fedotova (Programme Director of Telecentre-Europe’s Russian member organization PH International).

In the video, we can see some excerpts from Neelie Kroes’ opening speech:

“My dream is getting everyone in Europe digital. But it’s not only a dream, it’s a promise to the parliament, to the council and to the society.”
“It’s about digital inclusion in its widest sense: finding our young people jobs, helping generations learn from each other, encouraging active ageing, and promoting civic engagement.”
“Well done to all of you, you are our digital heroes I want an applause for all those digital heroes!”

The video also explains the learning tools Internet Buttons and Skillage that are being used during the GOW12 campaign.

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