Young Volunteers in Russia Teach Digital Skills to Their Families and Neighbors

As a preparation for Get Online Week 2013, which this year focuses on youth, former Tvoy Kurs responsible Ekaterina Fedotova has published a series of stories of the Teach Your Family campaign (2012) that illustrate how Russian youngsters between 12-17 have been empowered by providing digital literacy courses for those with little access to ICT training.

The project involved around 1.000 schoolchildren who, with the encouragement and support from school teachers and using materials developed by Tvoy Kurs, volunteered to help their family members, neighbors, and friends with their online journeys.

Just read the wonderful stories of Nika Nikiforova (12), Angelina Bagriy (14), Timur Ibadov (13), Maksim Klevtsov (17), Anastasia Sokolova (14) and Ilya Malyshkin (17), all young people that got excited about volunteering and helped their family members, neighbors & friends overcome their fear of computers and make their first steps in the digital world.

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